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Solar Product

We have developed an array of solar power solutions that are reliable, affordable and green. Tried, tested and trusted for over one decades, our products assure great value for money.

Solar Solution

Solar energy gives businesses access to round-the-clock access to electricity, helping them in their growth. Our pursuit to enable solar across all business continues.

Solar Project

Our solar project can design a fully integrated and customised solar power plant project for you. Solar energy projects of any scale  works within the confines of regulatory policies

Innovation of Solar technology device

Our solar technology award from United Kingdom

Green Mango

World’s First Ever Solar LED TV that can run light bulbs and mobile charge.

Solar Cooker

The solar cooker can be a godsend and so no more toxic gases saving on the massive social impact

Solar Rooftop

Solar Rooftop System to harness the power of the sun and enjoy the benefits of clean,  electricity at significantly lower costs.

Solar Water Pump

Water pumps are a necessity for farmers for their irrigation needs where saving money of cultivation.

Green Mango Hybrid IPS

Solar IPS overcomes all the weaknesses of conventional IPS system by introducing dual energy source.

Private Solar Grid (GPS)

solar power to your portfolio is economically and ecologically profitable that can reduce the cost of conventional energy with a customised solar solution


Solar Device

Green Mango, the world’s first ever solar LED TV with power supply, has been innovated by Mainul Islam SELIM.

Smartest Access to Solar Energy Ever

Solar LED TV that can run light bulbs and mobile charge

Easy installation - anyone can install it


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